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Effective Use of Communication Tools within My Learning

Effective Use of Communication Tools within My Learning
Brief Outline:


The aim of this workshop is to discuss the importance of communication with staff and students and different types of information we tend to communicate. We will also explore the use of tools such as: discussion forums, chat, Quickmail, label or calendar. By the end of this hands on session will be able to confidently use the above tools to enhance the communication with your colleagues and students.


After completing this workshop participants will:

  • learn about different tools that can be used for communication
  • be able to create tools such as forum, chat, label, Quickmail or calendar
  • learn how to manage the tools throughout duration of the module and improve communication with students

It is important to communicate with our students effectively and allow for two way communication channels so that students can raise their voice, concerns and feedback. My Learning offers variety of tools that can help you communicate with your students and share information effectively.


For more information, contact CAPE on x14709

Thursday, March 1, 2018
11:00am - 12:30pm
Room F103, Fenella Building
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Event Organizer

Joanne Mullarkey

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