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Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel - Advanced (MOS 4/4)


Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel – Advanced (MOS 4/4)


Brief Outline


Not only could this session contribute to your training and preparation for the MOS exam for Excel 2010, but it can also be a stand-alone Excel session teaching you some of the advanced skills and functions of the program.


This session focuses on the more advanced skills and functions of Excel with most of the focus being on working with formulas and functions.


Learning Outcomes


  • Creating a formula with values that match your conditions

  • editing defined conditions in a formula

  • using a series of conditional logic values in a formula

  • precedence of operators for per cent vs. exponentiation

  • Defining, editing and renaming a named range

  • Entering a cell range definition in the formula bar; defining a cell range using the mouse; defining a cell range using a keyboard shortcut

  • Relative, absolute

  • Using Line, Column and Win/Loss chart types; creating a Sparkline chart; customising a Sparkline; formatting a Sparkline; showing or hiding data markers

  • using the Rule Manager to apply conditional formats

  • using the IF Function and Apply Conditional Formatting

  • Icon sets, data bars, clear rules




If attending this session as part of working toward the MOS certification in Excel, it is essential that you have attended the Foundation and Intermediate sessions in Excel, or spoken to Staff Development about your Excel skills. If attending this session as a stand-alone session, a very good understanding of Excel and “better than average” skills with the application are needed. Please contact Staff Development if you have any questions about suitability or the MOS certification.




Friday, August 10, 2018
1:30pm - 4:30pm
Room CD113, Academy House, Colindeep Lane
Colindeep Lane, NW9 6HB
  Utilising Technology & University Systems  
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Staff Development

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