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Middlesex Research Forum

Middlesex Research Forum is a meeting and exchange point for academic staff at the University to discuss research, initiated by Professor Katy Deepwell and Professor Edmund Penning-Rowsell and Carol Costley. These lunchtime events are organised through RKTO.
This event is open to all academic staff. The aim is that those attending can share and exchange ideas and points of view about the broader culture of research and what it means to be an individual researcher in academia in terms of priorities and agendas and understanding the larger context for research.

You are welcome to bring your lunch. We are not able to provide tea or coffee at this event.

What is the relationship between research and teaching for individual academics?
How does our academic research inform teaching?

Research-led teaching is generally considered a way of teaching a topic or a technique driven by the tutor's research experience and the latest research in the field. This approach is favoured as the model for producing internationally competitive and distinctive teaching in terms of content.
Making use of research in pedagogy can inform innovation in teaching styles and teaching formats or approaches, how does new and current research by academics in our own departments and in our courses inform and keep up-to-date what we teach in our subject areas?

1) What is Research Led Teaching?
Developing an academic’s research into teaching or teaching the latest/current research models in a curriculum.

2) Research into Teaching

Promoting students as active researchers. In pedagogy, this can include: Flipped Learning, Context/Problem-based learning, use of more e-learning/blended learning/ virtual learning environments.

3) Teaching to enable Research

Enhancing research development of academics through academic training about teaching and research.

4) Research-Led Teaching and Branding within Universities

How an effective Research Led Teaching policy can support growth or “identity” for a department or faculty in international league tables, attracting more students and gaining research credibility?

Are these issues thrown into stark contrast by the debates around the value awarded for both TEF and REF in each University and the establishment of league tables?


This study from University of Salford in 2006 suggested 7 principles for academics to integrate research into teaching in terms of knowledge transfer.
Full paper (2009) https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15578770903152856?journalCode=uice20


Thursday, May 31, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Committee Room 3, Town Hall
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Event Organizer

Nicola Skinner

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