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Skills, Creativity and Pedagogy: A Roundtable Discussion

Brief Outline:

Tuesday Takeaway

A Learning & Teaching event, presented by CAPE, the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries (ACI) & the Language and Communication Group


Carole-Anne Upton (ACI), Johan Siebers (Law), Josie Barnard (Media), Harry Fulleylove (Performing Arts)

Paul Cobley (Media), Aidan Delaney (ACI)


This roundtable discussion will explore the relationship between creativity and skills and its impact on our pedagogies.



A recent Universities UK report ‘Solving Future Skills Challenges’ (Aug 2018) offers a broad working definition of ‘skills’ ( p.6) as including ‘references to knowledge, qualifications, experiences and attributes’. And the World Economic Forum identified the top three skills to ‘thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ as:

- problem solving

- critical thinking

- creativity

By taking on board the above, we are inviting participants to reflect on:
the extent to which they engage with these debates
how they provide students the opportunity to develop these skills and related capabilities and attributes within different disciplinary contexts.

At the same time, we are inviting participants to consider the following ‘takeaway’ questions:

  • Is there a need to move beyond the ‘soft/hard skills’ divide?
  • Should the notion of ‘skills’ be re-defined and reconceptualised?
  • Is more criticality needed regarding the uses, affordances and limitations of ‘skills’ as both a term and concept, prominently featuring in various policy contexts?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Room C207, College Building
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Event Organizer

Joanne Mullarkey

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